The Powerheart AED G3 Automatic Plus (Item 9390A) is the most popular in the corporate market due to the ease of use, as there are no buttons to press. All the user does is open the lid and listen to the voice/text prompts to attach the electrode pads. The AED will determine if the patient needs a shock or not. If a shock is required the AED will deliver the shock automatically, and if no shock is required, the
AED will comprehensively guide the user through CPR (30 compressions followed by 2 breaths for 2 minutes). Medical Developments International also have a semi-automatic version (9390E) as well as AED’s with an ECG screen (9300P).

The MDI range of AED’s are maintenance free as they perform automatic comprehensive self-testing of all critical components daily, weekly and monthly.

  • 7 year warranty
  • 4 year full replacement battery guarantee
  • Daily, weekly and monthly comprehensive automatic self-testing of critical components
  • Comprehensive voice and text prompts including detailed CPR prompts (how to perform CPR)
  • Optional semi automatic or fully automatic (no buttons to press)
  • Interchangeable electrodes (not side specific)
  • Customised energy for each patient (105 – 360 joules)
  • 60 minutes of Internal rescue data