Komesaroff VOC Anaesthetic Machines

Komesaroff VOC Anaesthetic Machines

The VOC is a continuous flow anaesthetic machine which incorporates a Rotaflush Flowmeter.


Code: AN-VOC-RFTR (VOC Trolley)
Code: AN-VOC-RFBM (VOC Bench Mount)
Code: AN-VOC-RFTCD (VOC Compact Desk Mount)

The VOC is a continuous flow anaesthetic system manufactured in Australia at the MDI laboratory. The machine incorporates Rotaflush Flowmeter. The simplicity and robustness of the VOC anaesthetic machine makes it a safe and dependable addition to any operating room. Available in trolley, bench or swivel mount with optional extras such as oxygen cylinder support and out-of-circuit vaporiser.

The VOC machine can be manufactured to accommodate individual preferences.

  • RotaFlush™ Flowmeter
    • Provides accurately metered oxygen flows between 0-4L/min and incorporates an Oxygen Flush (Bypass) to rapidly inflate the breathing bag when required.
      *NOTE: When the Oxygen Bypass is operated, the oxygen enters the circuit distal to the vaporizer.
  • KAB™ Circular Carbon Dioxide Absorber (Autoclavable)
    • With Soda Lime 1Kg pack with 400g capacity filler and adapter supplied.
  • Stainless steel base with mounting slots for an out-of-circuit vaporizer.
  • 23mm Taper Fittings for out-of-circuit vaporizer.
  • Breath-Alert™ Breathing Monitor.
  • Washington T-Piece Circuit (including 1/2L rebreathing bag).
  • Universal `F”Hose in Hose’ Breathing Circuit (2 sets) (including 2L rebreathing bag).

Not included: VOC Vaporizer

Optional Extras
  • VOC Vaporizer
  • Venturi Suction System
  • Pressure Relief Valve with manual override
  • ‘Smoothbore’ Twin Hose and Y-piece Assembly

  • Dimensions: 410mm (L) x 315mm (W) x 380mm (H – without trolley) or 1280mm (H – with trolley)
  • Weight:
    • 7.5kg (without vaporiser)
    • 13.5kg (with vaporiser)
  • Warranty: 24 months