EZ-Fit Silicone Face Masks


  • Made with durable silicone.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Can be autoclaved up to 50 times at 134oC for 4 minutes.
  • Available if 5 sizes
    • Size 1: Infant
    • Size 2: Small Child
    • Size 3: Large Child
    • Size 4: Small Adult
    • Size 5: Large Adult

?Product Codes and Mask Sizing
SizeSize GuideProduct CodeFitting
1InfantCI-FM-S01515 mm ID
2Small ChildCI-FM-S02522 mm OD
3Large ChildCI-FM-S03522 mm OD
4Small AdultCI-FM-S04522 mm OD
5Large AdultCI-FM-S05522 mm OD
Materials of Constructions