Oxy-Life Oxygen Resuscitation Kit - Hard Case


Code: RS-7515-10
  • Stainless steel case (drop down front panel)
  • OXI-Vac™ Suction System
  • Complies to Australian Standard AS2488-1995 ‘Resuscitators intended for use with humans
  • Accessibility of components for instant operation
  • Simultaneous oxygen for 2 patients
  • TGA Listing AUST L 13234
  • KDK150 Autovalve™ Cartridge type. Combined regulator/flowmeter reduces cylinder pressure to 400kPa. Flow range 0-15L/min with 0, 3, 8 & 15L/min click settings. OXYGEN FLUSH operates at all flow rates (including zero)
    A ‘double adaptor’ with 2 self-seal outlets is connected to the right side
  • Stainless steel case Cradle fitted underneath the stainless steel case accepts both 440L ‘C’ size and smaller 320L cylinders. Case with drop down front panel
  • Optional Model: Oxy-Life Resuscitator in a soft carry bag
  • Self-seal valve fitted to left side of the case for an external oxygen supply
  • MTV-100/Manually Triggered Ventilator (Demand valve with push-button override. Attached by a white oxygen hose line to a self-seal valve in the ‘double adaptor’. The outlet of the MTV-100 is a 22/15mm M/F taper for attachment of an adult or paediatric facemask, endotracheal tube or laryngeal mask)
  • Oxygen therapy can be administered to a second patient simultaneously: The flow rate can be set between 0-15L/min
  • OXI-Vac™ Suction System ON-OFF push button operation. The polycarbonate 250mL reservoir bottle is marked at 200mL. Narrow neck to prevent spillage when removing bottle. Spare suction bottle with blue cap for rapid changeover
  • The panel inside the lid has elasticised supports to secure the accessories such as therapy mask, airways, suction catheter, and nebuliser
Instruction Manual

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