OXI Saver

Soft (Closed circuit Oxygen Resuscitation Kit)


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Code: RS-7500-SB

The OXI-SaverTM is a self-contained portable apparatus providing facilities for simultaneous resuscitation, oxygen therapy and suction for both breathing and non-breathing patients.

It features the closed circuit resuscitation system with a soft breathing bag, providing the operator with an immediate diagnosis of the pattern of respiration so that a simple, safe and logical approach to management replaces the guess work and dangers of many resuscitation systems.


  • Soft bag, Cordura with pockets for accessories
  • 1 x KDK™ regulator with variable oxygen flow rates of 0.5 to 8 L/min
  • KAB™ CO2 Absorber disposable, with ‘F’ circuit, breathing bag, #5 mask
  • Oxygen hose line (white) with removable adapter to fit rear of KAB
  • Aluminium plate (internal) fitted with support KAB-DIK (RHS)
  • Operational Manual
  • Oxygen therapy nipple restrictor (8L/min) c/w 2m therapy tube
  • Silicone suction tubing 1.5m
  • Oxi-Vac
  • Soda lime pack (1Kg)
  • Soda lime filling bottle
  • CPR-Pro Pocket Mask
  • Spare Bodok seal in plastic bag
  • (Optional) KAB™ CO2 Absorber reusable version
  • (Optional) Variable venous tourniquet
  • (Optional) Soda Lime 4.5kg pack (10 refills)

Does not include oxygen cylinder

Cost effectiveness:
  • Provides approximately six hours of oxygen from a full standard ‘C’ size medical oxygen cylinder (440 L), compared to under one hour from conventional oxygen resuscitators
  • Over 70% more cost effective than conventional oxygen
Instruction Manual

Download Instruction Manual PDF