OXI Port Hang Bag


Code: RS-7565-8000

For the simple and convenient administration of oxygen therapy at any location at any time to any patient by BLS users. Ideal for Shopping Centres, Airports, Schools, Universities, Mining and Corporate.

  • 1 x KDK™ regulator with fixed oxygen flow rate at 8 L/min
  • 1 x Oxygen Therapy Mask with Reservoir bag
  • 1 x CPR Pocket Mask (Mouth to Mask)
  • 1 x pair PVC Gloves
  • An oxygen flush button to provide an instantaneous rush of oxygen
  • Portable
  • Requires minimal training
  • Highly visible should be located next to fire extinguisher and defibrillator if available
  • Essential equipment that may help to save a life

Does not include oxygen cylinder

Instruction Manual

Download Instruction Manual PDF