OXI–Dive 3

Based on a demand valve manually triggered ventilator


Code: RS-OD-3

The OXI-Dive 3 comes without oxygen cylinder and will need an outside oxygen source.

  • Pelican case #1400 with a foam lid insert and dividers
  • LSP regulator/flowmeter with two high flow outlets and one barbed flow outlet for the adjustable flowmeter (0-25L/min)
  • Optional KDK™150 (0-15L/min with Oxygen flush)
  • Cylinder valve key wheel with chain
  • PIBN Adapter (Pin-Indexed Bull-Nose Adapter)
  • The MTV-100/Manually Triggered Ventilator c/w 1.2m white oxygen hose fitted with a hand wheel diameter indexed for oxygen
  • 2 Silicon Face Masks (Reusable)
  • Set of 3 airways
  • CPR-PRO™ pocket size resuscitator with an oxygen inlet and one-way valve
  • Non-rebreathing therapy mask with a reservoir bag and green oxygen tubing
  • Operating Manual
Instruction Manual

Download Instruction Manual PDF