OXI–Dive 1

Closed circuit Oxygen Resuscitation Kit


Code: RS-OD-1

The OXI-Dive range of resuscitators is designed for use on dive boats. The resuscitator is packaged in a high impact chemical and water proof plastic case brightly colored for visibility.

The OXI-Dive 1 is based on a closed circuit breathing system, so benefits from the special features of the closed circuit design (as explained for the OXI-SaverTM).

The key benefit in the context of dive boats is the low flow of oxygen, which will maximise the duration of the oxygen cylinder. This is a key consideration for boats far out from land.

  • Pelican case #1520, optional #1600 for full size C cylinders
  • KDK85 Autovalve™: combined regulator and flowmeter (range 0.5-8L/min) with an ‘Oxygen Flush’ at all settings. Incorporates three self-sealing valves
  • 8L/min oxygen flow restrictor and handwheel assembly
  • 2m white oxygen tubing fitted with an oxygen handwheel at each end
  • KAB™ carbon dioxide absorber. Disposable single patient use pre-filled with CO2 absorber
  • Universal twin hose, single patient use breathing circuit c/w 2L latex-free breathing bag and size 5 mask
  • CPR-PRO™ resuscitation mask with oxygen inlet and 1-way valve. Single patient use
  • Non-rebreathing therapy mask with safety vent, reservoir bag and oxygen
    tubing. Single patient use
  • MTV-100 manually triggered ventilator c/w 1.2m white self-store
    oxygen hose a and diameter indexed oxygen handwheel (optional)
  • KDK™ regulator to fit to a large supply cylinder (optional)
  • Operating manual
  • Size 3 disposable mask (optional)
  • OXI-Vac, Venturi suction device (optional)
  • Guedel airways, set of 4

Does not include oxygen cylinder

  • Closed circuit breathing system
  • Fittings for external oxygen supply
  • Self seal outlets (2) for additional patients
  • Guedal airways
  • Can also be supplied with demand valve manually triggered ventilator (optional)
Instruction Manual

Download Instruction Manual PDF