MTV-100/Manually Triggered Ventilator


Code: RS 7515-MTV

2m colour coded white (6 coil) with NTP nut for demand valve or MTV manually triggered ventilator at one end and white diameter indexed oxygen hand wheel for wall outlet or self-seal outlet on the other.

The MTV-100/Manually Triggered Ventilator is today’s most advanced design in oxygen powered, manually-triggered, breathing devices. Designed to deliver 100% oxygen to a breathing or non-breathing pre-hospital patient, the MTV-100/
Manually Triggered Ventilator provides emergency care professionals with greater versatility, increased safety, and improved performance over any existing handheld device.

Advanced pneumatic technology limits and regulates gas pressure, providing patients with reliable, effective airflow, while giving emergency professionals a new level of assurance in administering oxygen. The MTV-100/Manually Triggered Ventilator may be attached to a portable, pressure-regulated, oxygen cylinder or central oxygen source. And this ventilator is versatile for use with a mask, endotracheal tube or tracheotomy tube. The next generation in oxygen-powered, manually-triggered, breathing devices the MTV 100/Manually Triggered Ventilator provides the industry with a new standard of safety and performance.

Specifications (all specifications at 50 psi inlet pressure) :
  • Supply Pressure: 50±5 psi
  • Anti-asphyxiation: 55 LPM minimum @ -5 cm H20 pressure
  • Opening pressure: (crack) 0 to -25 cm H20
  • Storage temperature: -40°F TO 160°F
  • Manually triggered flow: 40±5 LPM @ 50 psi supply
  • Operating temperature: -30°F to 125±F
  • Demand flow: 100 LPM at 0 to -5 cm H20 pressure
  • Caution: At temperatures below 30°F, the high pressure limit ranges between 60-80 cm H20
  • Pressure limit: 60±5 cm H20
  • Inlet fitting: Standard male oxygen DISS (swivel)
  • Secondary pressure relief: 65 – 80 cm H20 max
  • Filter: 25 micron, wire mesh
  • Expiratory resistance: Less than 2.5 in. H20 @ 160 LPM flow
  • Outlet: 22mm outside diameter x 15mm inside diameter
  • Peak demand flow: 115±10 LPM @ 50 psi inlet.
    -5 cm H20 or less to obtain 100 LPM
  • Material: Body- Vectra Cap- Vectra Button- Vectra Outlet-Polysul Inlet Fitting – Plated brass