Komesaroff MK5 Anaesthetic Machines

Komesaroff MK5 Anaesthetic Machines

Lightweight, portable small animal closed circuit anaesthetic machine that features low operational costs and minimal pollution.


Code: AN-7570-V1S (MK5-V1, Single Vaporiser)
Code: AN-7570-00 (MK5-V2, Twin Vaporisers)

MK5 is a small animal closed circuit anaesthetic machine that is lightweight for easy carry into field. It features low operational costs and minimal/absent pollution. The MK5 with two in circuit vaporisers (AN-7570-00) enables the choice of 2 of the 4 most commonly used volatile anaesthetic agents (Isoflurane, Enflurane, Sevoflurane or Halothane).

Available in single or double in circuit vaporisers.

  • KDK™ 31 Autovalve Regulator Flowmeter 0.1-3 L/min
    • Combined pressure reducing regulator and flowmeter. Provides accurately metered oxygen flows between 0.1-3L/min and incorporates an Oxygen Flush (Bypass) control which operates at all settings to rapidly inflate the breathing bag when required.
  • KAB™ CO2 Absorber with integrated APL valve (Autoclavable).
    • Soda Lime 1kg pack with 400g capacity filler and adaptor supplied.
  • Easyfill™ Filling System.
  • Venturi Suction System
  • Double Vaporisers (standard):
    • 1 Isoflurane vaporiser and 1 Halothane vaporiser.
  • Single Vaporiser (standard):
    • 1 Isoflurane vaporiser and 1 spare Halothane vaporiser bowl.
  • Pressure Relief Valve with manual override.
  • Quick Release Cylinder Clamp.
  • Washington T-Piece Circuit (including 1/2L rebreathing bag).
  • Universal `F”Hose in Hose’ Breathing Circuit (2 sets) (including 2L rebreathing bag).
  • Lightweight, portable with powder coated white stainless steel base with steel subplate.
  • 100% oxygen technique with low resistance vaporiser.
  • Calibrated vaporiser bowls to measure dosage by volume.
  • Easy to access controls, can be viewed whilst operating.
  • Self Seal Outlet (1 included).
Optional Extras:
  • Breath-Alert™ Breathing Monitor
  • ‘Smoothbore’ Twin Hose and V-piece Assembly

  • Dimensions: 510mm (L) x 255mm (W) x 280mm (H)
  • Weight: 7.5kg (without cylinder)
  • Warranty: 24 months