KABTM CO2 Absorbers - Autoclavable and Disposable

KABTM CO2 Absorbers - Autoclavable and Disposable

For effective absorption of carbon dioxide from a closed or semi-closed breathing circuit system.


Code: AB-KAB-HBAR (Autoclavable with Bar Attachment)
Code: AB-KAB-HNIP (Autoclavable with Nipple Attachment)
Code: AB-KAB-DBAR (Disposable with Bar Attachment)
Code: AB-KAB-DNIP (Disposable with Nipple Attachment)

The KAB™ Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Absorber is a device designed to absorb CO2 from a closed or semi-closed breathing circuit system via absorbent soda lime. CO2 is absorbed in two cycles: during expiration as the expired gases are directed to the breathing bag and again during inspiration. Together with the minimal channeling this provides greater efficiency of CO2 absorption.

The KAB™ Circular CO2 Absorber is available in both single use and autoclavable models.

KAB™ CO2 Absorber (All Models):
  • Easy filling (Disposable models with pre-filled soda lime)
  • Shock Resistant Circular Design.
  • Unique Exhaust Valve
    • The Adjustable Pressure Limiting (APL) valve is integrated into the absorber and incorporates the scavenging port
  • Absorption up to 4 hours
    • 400g of soda lime has a life in excess of 6 hours in small animals.
  • Maintains inflation of breathing bag even at low flows
  • Eliminates risk of cross contamination from CO2 absorbers
  • Asymmetrical divider and the fluted openings in the grates minimise ‘channeling’ to increase the efficiency of absorption.
  • Fresh gas inlet is present at rear (for KAB™ CO2 Absorber with Nipple Attachment)

Included: KAB Elbow (Code:AB-KAB-ELB)

Optional Extras:
  • Code: AB-KAB-CN15 KAB 15mm M Connector
  • Code: AB-KAB-SC KAB 30mm F Scavenge Connector
Autoclavable KAB™ CO2 Absorber:
  • Reusable
  • Autoclavable
Disposable KAB™ CO2 Absorber:
  • Disposable (single use ONLY)

Soda lime absorbent recommended for use with the KAB absorbers:

  • Code: AB-7590-18 (Soda Lime 1kg – including decanter)
  • Code: AB-7590-18F (Soda Lime Refill unit – 400g mark)

Download the Soda lime MSDS

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KAB™ CO2 Absorber (All Models):
  • Uni-directional inhalation and exhalation valve system
  • Unique exhaust valve
    • Adjustable Pressure Limiting (APL) valve
  • Taper port – for connection to reservoir bag
  • Volume: approx. 400g of soda lime absorbent
  • Dimension: approx. 150mm in diameter
Autoclavable KAB™ CO2 Absorber:
  • Bung – for emptying and filling soda lime
  • Warranty: 25 autoclave cycles or 12 months from date of purchase.