Flow meter 815 Regulator


Code: BR-C100600-815

The KDKTM OXI-flo Combined Regulator/Flowmeter is a high quality oxygen regulator using a fixed orifice system to produce the desired flow rates, with an Oxygen Flush at all flow settings

  • Flow meter 815 regulator/flow meter assembly, flow rates 0, 8 and 15L/min and includes oxygen flush
Special features:
  • Oxygen flush at all flow settings (unique feature)
  • Combined regulator/ flowmeter
  • Self-cleaning high pressure cartridge
  • High pressure chrome-plated brass components
  • If the reservoir bag deflates, the bag can be rapidly refilled without need to adjust the flow rate
  • Compact design
  • Accurately maintains constant pressure at all cylinder pressures
  • High quality construction