Animal Asthma Chamber

Animal Asthma Chambers

For effective delivery of inhalant medication into the lungs.


Code: SP-SPAP-S (Feline/Canine Chamber)
Code: SP-SPAP-M (Equine Chamber)
Code: CI-FM-S015 (Silicone Mask Size 1 Feline/Canine)
Code: CI-FM-S025 (Silicone Mask Size 2 Feline/Canine)
Code: CI-FM-S055 (Silicone Mask Size 5 Equine)

The Animal Asthma Chamber is designed and developed in Australia by Medical Developments International to deliver medication to the lungs. Recommended for delivering asthma medication with ANY brand/type/size of puffer or metered dose inhaler.

Both asthma chamber and silicone mask come in various sizes to accommodate different sized animals.

For Feline and Canine:
  • 160ml Compact Asthma Chamber
  • Silicone Mask – Size 1 or 2
For Equine:
  • 230ml Standard Asthma Chamber
  • Silicone Mask – Size 5

Animal Asthma Chamber:
  • Cross Valve Technologyâ„¢
    • Very low resistance when inhaling medication
    • Allows animals to easily breathe out through the chamber
    • One way flow to prevent exhaled air going into the spacer
  • Transparent Chamber
    • Clear view of valve movement enables the confirmation of correct inhaler operation and usage
  • Universal Inhaler Base
    • Compatible with all types of metered dose inhalers (‘puffers’)
    • Base fits securely yet removes easily for cleaning
  • Unique Multipurpose Mouthpiece
    • Can be used with international standard face masks
  • Easy Cleaning
    • Base can be removed for easy cleaning
    • Dish-washer safe
  • Not made with natural rubber latex, PVC and Phthalates
Silicone Masks:
  • Universal Fitting
    • Designed to be used with the Animal Asthma Chamber
    • Universal 22mm outer diameter fitting can be used with most spacer devices
  • 100% Durable Silicone
    • Autoclavable for up to 50 times
    • Boilable for disinfection
  • Comfortable Fit
    • Available in 3 sizes (1, 2 and 5)
  • Not made with natural rubber latex & BPA

Animal Asthma Chamber:
  • Silicone cross valve
  • Thermoplastic elastomer inhaler base
  • Mouthpiece: 22mm outer diameter, 15mm inner diameter
  • Dimensions:
    • 230ml (V), 18.5cm (L) – Standard Asthma Chamber
    • 160ml (V), 14.5cm (L) – Compact Asthma Chamber
  • Warranty: 12 months
Silicone Mask:
  • Inner Vertical Length:
    • 40mm – Size 1 Mask
    • 50mm – Size 2 Mask
    • 90mm – Size 5 Mask