Accessories for Anaesthetic Machines

Accessories for Anaesthetic Machines

Breathing circuits, scavenger tubing (any length), oxygen tubing, and other connections


MDI can supply breathing circuits, scavenger tubing – any length, oxygen tubing and all connections.


A – Code: CI-FHOSE-BP      (F-Hose – including 2L Rebreathing Bag)
B – Code: V-7595-07            (Vaporisor Jar – in circuit)
C – Code: AB-7590-18          (Soda Lime 1kg – including decanter)
D – Code: H-7595-48-6M      (Oxy Hoseline 6m)
E – Code: CI-JREES            (Jackson Reece)
F – Code: CI-7595-26           (Smoothbore Hose 105cm – complete with end cuffs)