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The eLearning module is provided to educate on the indications, administration, contraindications and precautions for the use of Penthrox.

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After 40 years use in Australia and close ot 8 million doses administered globally, Penthrox is now being licensed for use in countries across Europe1. Hear our international speakers Prof. Sir Keith Porter and Ms. Louise Young as they take a fresh look at when to consider Penthrox in acute pain relief.

You can click on the chapter markers to navigate to specific parts of the presentation.

02:47 – Prof. Sir Keith Porter Presentation

26:51 – Ms Louise Young Presentation

40:45 – Q&A


1. Penthrox® (methoxyflurane) PSUR May 2021.

Penthrox Educational Slides

The following PowerPoint slides have been designed for presentation to healthcare professionals to support patients using Penthrox.

How to Use Penthrox

This video demonstrates the correct preparation and administration of Penthrox.

Penthrox Clinical Resources

Access medical resources including abstracts and reference details about the clinical use of Penthrox.

Penthrox in Action

Watch Penthrox being used in real world scenarios.

Penthrox Product Range

View details of the Penthrox presentations available.